The franconian day was a guest in glosberg

"Can the church bats delay or prevent our church renovation??", andreas martin asked, adding that in the past there had been bats during renovations. These had then temporarily flown away and were also back again after a construction measure.
This was also confirmed by roofer theo porzelt: "I don't see any difficulties with bats during the roof renovation". Father waldemar brysch informed the audience that the animal welfare authorities had wanted to prohibit the roof renovation between may and august.
Architect kersten schottner had then suggested a partition wall in the roof area of the church, so that the bats do not notice anything of the construction site. This, he said, ensured that work could be done on the roof between may and august and that the bats would not cause a delay in construction.
The church reorganization spoke also robert baehr again: "I do not understand, with such a fundamental church reorganization that the retaining wall, which is an eyesore in the place, cannot be taken along."
"There is a simple answer to that", replied father waldemar. Archdiocese does not subsidize church retaining wall renovation".
The clergyman added: "because we are already dependent on generous donations for our own share of the church renovation, we cannot shoulder the renovation of the wall around the church as well.", explained the parish administrator. Unless the city has the money. But here the mayor waved off.

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“Petit mais 100 % kronach”

On tuesday the seminarists presented their travel guide at their school. "Small but kronach and french "petit mais 100 % kronach"," recalls – this is how it is emblazoned on the cover of the german-french travel guide for the city of kronach and its surroundings, which is very successful both visually and in terms of content. The 32 illustrated pages contain many tips for leisure time activities, excursions and attractions with short descriptions and addresses. "Our travel guide is aimed in particular at young exchange students", explains twelfth-grader sandra fischer. The booklet would like to be help to these, in order to spend with us an interesting and varied stay.
At the same time, they also wanted to support the existing town twinning between kronach and hennebont. The din A5 booklet was produced as a P seminar (project seminar on study and career orientation) at the G under the direction of daniela millitzer. The P-seminar is part of the gymnasiale oberstufe in bavaria. It is intended to support the students in their choice of studies and careers. The goal is to prepare them for the demands of university and the professional world. The seminar began in september 2016 and extended over one and a half school years. At the frankenwald-gymnasium (G), a number of seminars were available for this purpose, from which the then eleventh-graders – now Q12 – could choose.
14 of them decided for "german-french travel guide". The result was a handy companion that shows the exchange students how to spend a wonderful and unforgettable time in kronach and the surrounding area. The seminarians usually met for two school hours a week for group work. In addition, they met privately and also went on excursions to the sights included in the guidebook – for example, to take pictures of them. "We wanted to create something unique. A travel guide of this kind did not give it so far yet. In addition the district kronach does not work at first sight necessarily in such a way, as if one could undertake here for three weeks continuously something interesting ", david bauer remembers the beginnings.
From the school they had a fixed budget available. "But we had such generous sponsors that we didn’t have to touch the budget at all", he is pleased. It was particularly important for them to do all the work themselves. This was also successful because the communication within the team was very good. We discussed and always came to a good solution. The tasks were divided into working groups, where everyone could contribute according to his or her abilities. "For example, we had the french aces for the translation. Others did the layout or the pictures", david tells. Team leader was maike eckardt. "We were amazed ourselves at all the things that are offered here – for example, the city tours of a special kind", franziska simon reveals. The texts were kept as short as possible with the most important – primarily for young people – interesting information. A lot of thought went into the layout and, for example, the font size was varied for more variety. "Mrs. Millitzer supported us where it was necessary. But she also gave us a lot of freedom", she appreciates. Great thanks are due to all supporters and especially sponsors, without whom the guide would probably not have come about in its present form.
A great support was the exchange student clemence, who checked and improved the french texts. Matthias schneider on behalf of the school administration, seminar leader daniela millitzer and kronach’s second mayor angela hofmann were very proud of the committed students. "That’s one reason why we love P-seminars so much. You are a prime example of how everyone can bring their own qualities", praised schneider. In one and a half years, they have created something lasting and have given back 100 percent of the trust placed in them. Millitzer and hofmann could only agree with that. According to the second mayor, the very loving design of the guide shows that the young people identify with their homeland and value it highly. Their professional approach is in line with the procedures in the business world. Finally, she emphasized that she and the city are always grateful for new ideas.
The booklet describes – in each case with a short text and a colored picture – places of interest such as the flakonmuseum and the tropenhaus kleintettau, the flobermuseum marktrodach, the moated castle mitwitz and vierzehnheiligen, among others. Fixed events in the annual cycle are listed – such as "die festung rockt" (the fortress rocks), "kronach lights up", the "kronacher weihnacht" and the free shooting. In addition, various city tours of a special kind are listed. For a better overview, two maps showing the city and district of kronach are included, on which u. A. Swimming pools, festivals and discotheques are registered. The twelfth graders themselves were surprised at how many recreational opportunities and sights there are in kronach. So initially only a flyer had been planned. However, on the basis of the large number, it was decided to use the booklet.
These are on display at kronach’s town hall and district administration office, the city’s tourism and events department, and also in restaurants and bookstores, where anyone can pick them up free of charge. When they are out of print, they will be reprinted.

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Trees in forchheim’s eisenbahnstrasse are to come down

The roads around the small park between eisenbahnstrasse and klosterstrasse are bumpy, wavy and absolutely broken, says werner schaup of the civil engineering office. "These are the worst streets in forchheim." the city renovates the "gateway to the city" therefore completely. In may, the excavators will roll in and replace the cobblestones with an asphalt surface. The city council has actually already given the building project the go-ahead. On the condition that the trees are preserved. Now werner schaup wants to cut down a complete row of trees along eisenbahnstrasse after all. Why? Because the nearly 20 trees were in a miserable condition and would not survive the construction work anyway.

Herbert fuchs from the garden department wants to save a few healthy trees from the excavators and replant them elsewhere. The majority of the trees, however, is hardly to save. For this turn of events in the "causa baume the city administration wanted to get the approval in the main and culture committee on wednesday. Edith fieber, sabine dittrich (both green), anita kern and lisa hoffmann (both SPD) initially rubbed their eyes in surprise at the turnaround. "You could have known that in december", said lisa hoffmann. Sabine dittrich also did not want to sacrifice the trees now, after they had been given special protection when the decision was made to renovate the road.

Udo schonfelder (CSU), on the other hand, does not find the sight of the trees very "pleasant", and manfred hummer believes the trees have had a "miserable existence" for the last 20 years refreshed.

Park trees are not threatened

hans-werner eisen (CSU) walks past the trees every day and thinks of his father, who would have said: "knock down the cripples"." the town also wants to cut down the row of trees and give the new trees a better chance to develop in the future. Herbert fuchs also wants to remove all the trees and create a uniform new alley row. By the way, the large shade trees in the park are not threatened by the axe. The final decision lies with the city council.

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Trump lawyers attack: charges unconstitutional

In the impeachment trial of U.S. President donald trump, his defenders have gone on the attack.

The charges against the president are unconstitutional and must be dismissed, according to a letter released by the white house on saturday night. "President trump categorically and unequivocally denies every allegation in both indictments," trump’s defense lawyers write. This was the first time the government center formally responded to trump’s indictment before the U.S. Senate.

For their part, democrats in the U.S. House of representatives laid out the allegations against the president in a comprehensive document that also cites materials underlying the indictment.

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