309 Restaurants with michelin stars

More and more restaurants in germany can adorn themselves with stars from the guide michelin. The edition of the hotel and restaurant guide presented in berlin on tuesday lists 309 gourmet restaurants, 9 more than in the previous year.

But the one-star restaurants are booming. There is one less restaurant in each of the two even higher categories. "Of the 309 starred restaurants, 42 are new," said pascal couasnon, managing director of food and travel at michelin. "Many chefs grow their own vegetables. In addition, local products play a major role."

Ten restaurants receive three stars, one less than in 2018, because "la vie" in osnabruck has given up. Five restaurants are newly awarded two stars, six lose one or both stars. Of the 261 restaurants with one star, 37 are new to the list.

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Reinforcement for the coburg hospital

Reinforcement for the coburg hospital

In any case, professor stefan schwab is in charge of both the clinic in erlangen and VI. Medical clinic neurology in coburg. Now he has been introduced to the other chief physicians and the hospital’s top administrators. The construction with the shared chief physician position is also new territory for the university hospital, said schwab. "I am the guinea pig." both sides expect benefits from the close cooperation this will bring. Coburg can also offer neurology residency training because doctors can complete part of their training in erlangen. In addition, coburg is now connected to the research facility. "If you want to do research, you need top-class scientists", emphasized mario bahmann, the managing director of coburg hospital. Conversely, the uniklinik wants to create closer links with other hospitals, said stefan schwab.

Schwab is considered an expert in acute stroke treatment and intensive care medicine. In erlangen, he is particularly concerned with further improving the therapeutic options for acute stroke. He has known his coburg colleague professor johannes brachmann, an internationally renowned cardiologist, since he worked at the neurological clinic of the university of heidelberg. Schwab said that their cooperation in telemedicine ultimately led to the establishment of the neurology department in coburg. Brachmann also has the "stroke unit with set up, in which stroke patients are treated.

"Rebuilding a clinic is fun", says schwab, who can and will flexibly divide his time between erlangen and coburg. The governor in coburg is senior physician peter kuhnlein. Especially in the early days, schwab will come to coburg more often, hopes mario bahmann. The new chief physician even has childhood memories of coburg: his father grew up at the steintor, and he can remember visits to his grandmother’s house, schwab recounts. "And the bratwurst."

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Schmeilsdorf will be a major construction site

Schmeilsdorf will be a major construction site

The people of schmeilsdorf – and the drivers from the surrounding area – must prepare themselves for the fact that the village will become a large construction site this year. The district of kulmbach is planning the renovation of the district road KU 12 in the area of the schmeilsdorf through-route.
When asked, dieter geibler, the area manager responsible for the district roads, explained that extensive coordination discussions are necessary in advance for the schmeilsdorf construction site: because there also the water pipe and the channel of the municipality mainleus are renewed as well as gas lines of eon are laid.
A date, when the building measure begins, could not call geibler yet. One is anxious to accomplish the work in sections. According to geibler, it can be assumed that the construction site will take up the greater part of the year. Due to local conditions, detour could not be avoided.
913,000 euros have been earmarked in the district budget for the renovation of the local thoroughfare, the main features of which were explained by district administrator klaus peter sollner and district treasurer rainer dippold in the district committee on monday. According to dippold, the district will use 578,000 euros of its own funds in schmeilsdorf – but possibly less if a higher subsidy is received.

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Concept laser device under pressure

Concept laser device under pressure

About two weeks ago, concept laser held a staff meeting at which the current economic situation was a topic of discussion. According to trustworthy sources, this also involved the issue of redundancies.

Yesterday there was another "internal information", the press office of the company confirmed to our newspaper. There are to be changes, but no concrete figures could be given. "Given the unprecedented impact of covid-19 on the manufacturing industry, particularly the commercial aerospace industry, we are taking steps to streamline our business and ensure GE additive’s long-term strength. We appreciate the commitment of all our employees in these difficult times and regret that we have to take these measures", the statement from there is. Sentences from other companies, also from the region, announcing layoffs sounded similar to this.

Short-time work used

It is not surprising that the economic problems resulting from the corona pandemic would not leave the company unscathed. Short-time work has already been used in recent months to compensate for the drop in orders.

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Last-minute win in top match: sv reitsch hopes for promotion thanks to linda querfurth

Last-minute win in top match: SV Reitsch hopes for promotion thanks to Linda Querfurth

It was the last chance for the SV reitsch, in the promotion race of the district upper league nevertheless still a word to participate. After a goalless first half against leaders spvgg ebing, everything goes according to plan in the second half for the runners-up in the table. Reitsch leads 2-1 until stoppage time. But then it gets really hectic and exciting again in the last few minutes.

SV reitsch – spvgg ebing 3:2 (0:0)

The top match of the bezirksoberliga held, especially in the second round, what it promised in advance. While in the first half no one wanted to make a decisive mistake and both teams initially concentrated on defense, the visors were visibly opened in the second 45 minutes. So came in the 5. In the 57th minute only a goal against the post after a free kick for ebing, while reitsch a promising opportunity on the other side did not play through and the goalkeeper had little trouble to defuse the deflected shot. Querfurth could have nodded in before the break after a corner kick, but her header went just over the crossbar.

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Cigar store riegler takes over the city center post office

Good news for all those in hochstadt who have so far posted their letters and parcels in hochstadt’s city center. After the closure of the post office on the market square was announced, a successor has now been found for this service. From 18. August, the riegler cigar store in the main street will become an official partner branch of the post office.

The post office and postbank on the market square will open for the last time on august 30. June. This is what ralf palm, spokesman for the postbank, communicates in response to a question from the FT. A new post office is opening on inastrasse in a former supermarket, where bank customers can also do their business. In the future, the post office boxes will also be located there, as well as the pick-up station for items that are delivered when people are not at home. But also a collection in the cigar house is possible. To do this, however, you must specify this before the shipment.

In the future, the old-established traditional store riegler will have nothing to do with the post office bank. Here, the previous business field (tobacco, printed products and spirits) is expanded to include the classic mail items: stamps, letters, small packages. "We applied to the post office relatively early on, when it became known that the branch on the market square was going to close", says thomas schmidhuber, who runs the cigar store together with his wife ute. Soon there will be a post office counter in the right part of the store, with a sign with the yellow post office symbol on the outside.

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A relic from the middle ages: the timber law

In gray work pants and a blue-and-red checkered lumberjack shirt, klaus scheller stands next to several freshly felled trees in the forest between iphofen and birklingen. The ground around him is wet and softened by the rain – the air is damp, smells of wood and earth. The pensioner is accompanied by josef rading and gustav guckenberger, his cousin.

Since his childhood, scheller has come to the forest of the town of iphofen every winter, to a different place every year. There he cuts trees and processes them, often with the help of his cousins, into firewood. Free of charge. He and many other residents of iphofen are allowed to do this because of an ancient right that only exists in a few francophone communities today.

Regulations from the middle ages

The so-called timber law goes back to regulations from the middle ages. "In the past, people simply went into the forest and fetched what they needed," explains rainer fell, the forester responsible in iphofen. In the middle ages, however, the increasingly intensive use of the forests made it necessary to regulate forest management.

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Brose continues to grow

Brose’s biggest growth was in the seat systems business unit (coburg location): sales increased by 20 percent and exceeded the one billion euro mark for the first time. Global, cross-series seating platforms now account for more than half of the business. The company is "well positioned" for this thanks to its international presence, as stated in a press release.

Sales of door systems (hallstadt) increased by 9 percent to 2.4 billion euros. With a market share of 33 percent, brose further expanded its leading global position in this area in 2012. The contactless tailgate drive, which received the "supplier innovation award" from BMW, attracted particular attention from customers and the media in the "highest customer benefit" category and also won the pace award in north america received. Until the end of this year, the comfort product will be available in 14 different vehicle models from the brands ford, mercedes-benz and BMW.
In the engine business (wurzburg), sales increased by an above-average 14 percent to 1.02 billion euros. Among other things, the motors business unit is benefiting from the trend toward electrification of auxiliary units. This significantly reduces the CO2 emissions of the vehicles. Examples include the electromechanical steering system and the electromechanical double-clutch transmission.

At the meeting of the brose shareholders and the advisory board in berlin, it was also decided to give the employees a further share in the company’s success. Brose spends a total of more than 26 million euros on performance payments. This is the highest score in the history of the club. The chairman of the shareholders’ meeting, michael stoschek, commented: "the increase in performance last year was only possible thanks to the dedicated efforts of our employees. Therefore we decided to let all employees participate in this success. Out of social responsibility, we will include temporary workers on an equal footing as in previous years."

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Sc players take action

SC players take action

For the first time a chess player from forchheim took part in the 14. Kirchweih tournament of the allersberger SC (mittelfranken-sud) participated. District league player udo guldner finished third with 7.5 points from ten rounds of rapid chess (sporting table). He was defeated only by the two ahead of him< placed wolfgang rausch jr. (allersberger SC) and paul krasnikov (SK zirndorf). In addition, he also drew against the youth player tobias zengerle (allersberger SC). The kirchweih cup was won by marco bogner from the organizer (kirchweih table), because the players with a higher DWZ were deducted points, but the weaker players were credited points.

Chess club senior heinz heger makes the region unsafe at the board. He likes to play not only at the chess club in mohrendorf but also at the chess board in heroldsbach, where he recently also took part in the rapid chess championship – perhaps spurred on and inspired by the sensational B cup win at the SC forchheim rapid chess championship. Gunter niklaus as the serial winner had little to oppose. With 5.5 points from six rounds, the player from heroldsbach won clearly ahead of jurgen schmidt with 4.5 points, who incidentally is also a member of SC. Heinz heger finished in 4th place with 3.0 points.

The performance sports officer of the bavarian chess youth (BSJ), klaus bose, has announced the members of the new squad for 2013/2014. Among them are robert wagner, adrian wichmann and johannes mann (all D3 squad members), three of them from forchheim. Unfortunately, kristin braun (previously D3 squad of girls) is no longer represented. In addition, FM leon mons and eduard miller have retired from the BSJ's junior development program for reasons of age – both are or will be 18 years old in the course of the coming season.

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What should the energy future look like in dettelbach??

Solar energy is currently booming. Dettelbach’s mayor matthias bielek can also tell you a thing or two about it: "it feels like once a week, but at least once a month", according to the head of the town hall on thursday evening in the energy and environment committee, a possible project sponsor for a free-field photovoltaic plant is available in the town hall. The potential areas are already clear: either they have already been bought or a lease agreement has been reached with the farmer.

How to deal with it, what can the city perhaps do itself, can dettelbach’s citizens also benefit, and what to do in two recent cases? – the committee was asked to find answers to a number of questions, or at least to provide some direction. There were three lectures on the different aspects. New: an appropriate presentation can also be designed from afar – no one has to travel from afar anymore. At least two councillors who are not members of the committee attended the meeting from home on the computer.

Hassfurt is considered a model for many municipalities

"The pipeline to hassfurt is in place", said bielek, introducing the first presentation by norbert zosch, managing director of stadtwerke habfurt. Becoming energy self-sufficient, a distant goal for dettelbach, is something that hassfurt has obviously almost achieved "and is thus a role model for many communities", so bielek. And hassfurt does a lot: 13 wind turbines are operated there alone, there are large photovoltaic systems that produce a lot of electricity, and this must be stored somehow, because the energy is to remain on site.

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