Schiesser sold to israel

Schiesser sold to Israel

Only the approval of the competition guardians is still pending. Nothing was disclosed about the exact purchase price – but the sum was enough to serve all creditors.

The sale to delta galil – also a producer of textiles such as underpants, lingerie and functional underwear – marks the end of plans for an initial public offering by schiesser, which the traditional company founded in 1875 had postponed several times. Actually, the radolfzellers wanted to have ventured onto the parquet by the summer in order to collect fresh money. "We plan to have served all creditors in august," schiesser’s chief executive and former insolvency administrator, volker grub, told the dpa news agency. By then, the antitrust authorities should have given the go-ahead and the handover should have taken place, which, according to the contract, is to take place on 1 january 2009. July pending.

Schiesser went bankrupt at the beginning of 2009. The main reason was unprofitable license agreements for third-party brands such as tommy hilfiger and puma. Still in 2009, schiesser returned to profitability and heralded the end of unprofitable outsourced production. At the end of 2010, the debt mountain had stood at 67 million euros. According to grub, delta galil was already involved in the search for investors at that time. "But then it had not yet fit."The current buyer has been interested all along and has closely followed the turnaround at schiesser. "They were really hot for it afterwards," said grub.

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Johnson in favor of new house of commons election in dec

U.K. Prime minister boris johnson has called a new election for the U.K. House of commons for dec. 12. December suggested. Here’s what he said in an interview with the BBC.

It had become apparent that parliament wanted more time to debate brexit legislation, he said. Mps could have the time but would have to agree to a new election, johnson said.

Mps are now expected to vote by 6. November will be given time to debate if they agree to a new election. "It is time for the opposition to summon up their courage and stand up for themselves to our common boss, the people of the united kingdom," johnson said. Chancellor of the exchequer sajid javid added: "we need an election as soon as possible to break the stalemate and decide the future of our country."

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60 Years of loyalty to the fire department

60 years of loyalty to the fire department

A short and smooth annual meeting was experienced by the volunteer fire department platz. There were ten exercises in the past year, in which the exercise participation was better than in the previous year "but is still expandable", as chairman and commander gerald heinle found. The year passed without any operations, except for the removal of two traces of oil. "It was thus a completely normal year", said heinle. A big event, however, was the 140th anniversary celebration.
Deputy chairman norbert schmitt praised gerald heinle for his outstanding commitment "he was always there, some people could take an example from him." due to the large anniversary celebration the traditional nachkirmes 2012 did not take place exceptionally.
The christmas tree campaign was also a success. "We have sold all 100 trees", heinle was pleased. 2013 a slaughter bowl meal is in planning. Furthermore, the maypole is erected, fire department festivals are attended, nachkirmes are held and christmas trees are sold.
Mayor manfred emmert is glad that there were no serious operations last year. He also had positive news for the comrades: the financial support for the new fire truck has been approved by the government.
A lot was also done in youth work, which emmert emphasized. "I am surprised and pleased, what the youth achieves everything", said heinle, said emmert. Three gals were inducted into the fire department with a handshake: judith gran, lea herr and pia schlereth. Christine gran, deputy commander and youth leader, is also very proud of her eleven proteges. "Of twelve exercises, ten were fully attended", she stressed. Beside the jugendflamme badge and the knowledge test also the fun did not come too briefly. The young people were at the tent camp in hammelburg, at the holiday park and at the table soccer tournament in bad bruckenau. There’s a lot on the agenda again in 2013, including training for troop leaders.
Hartmut gran, stefan gesslein and patrizia zeller from the helfer-vor-ort group were also accepted into the fire department square. Achim kohlhepp, commander of the sponsor fire brigade geroda, is pleased "that it can finally start now." the hvo group currently consists of 21 members, with 14 belonging to the geroda fire department and seven to the platz fire department.
District fire chief volker hagerich informed about various innovations within the fire department and announced the dates for 2013, including a forest fire drill in july.

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Swing legend coco schumann has died

My life was saved by music," coco schumann has said time and again. He meant it literally. Schumann survived persecution, two concentration camps and a "death march.

The self-taught musician, who performed in berlin basements and dance halls under the eyes of the nazis and played in theresienstadt and auschwitz on orders from concentration camp guards, died sunday in berlin at 93, his record company trikont announced monday, citing schumann’s family.

For a long time, schumann refused to speak publicly about his fate as a holocaust survivor. "I’m a musician who served time in a concentration camp, not a concentration camper who also makes a little music," he wrote in his biography "the ghetto swinger". The camps and the fear had changed his life, "but the music led it, and it did it well".

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After boyle’s cancellation: james bond is looking for a new director

After Boyle's cancellation: James Bond is looking for a new director

Maybe the james bond producers should have known it wouldn’t work out with danny boyle.

"I’m really not the right type to make films like this," the director had said in a 2013 interview with the BBC broadcaster. "I’d rather work slightly under the radar than have the responsibility of meeting a certain expectation."The expectation of the producers barbara broccoli and michael G. Wilson apparently did not fulfill boyle with his 007 vision and now drew the consequences. A few months before the start of shooting, he jumped out due to "creative differences" – a unique occurrence in the more than 50-year history of the film series.

After the mediocre "spectre" (2015), many had hoped that the 61-year-old would bring a breath of fresh air to the bond project. The surprising cancellation of the oscar winner ("slumdog millionaire") caused disappointed reactions among fans – and comes at the worst possible time for the bond makers and their company EON. Filming for bond 25, the fifth and likely final film starring daniel craig, is actually scheduled to begin on 3. December start. Preparations are already underway at pinewood studios near london. Now it is completely unclear what will happen next.

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Unicef:up to 400,000 rohingyas have already fled myanmar

Unicef:Up to 400,000 Rohingyas have already fled Myanmar

The number of muslim rohingyas who have fled myanmar continues to increase. According to UN figures, up to 400,000 rohingyas are already in neighboring bangladesh, the children’s agency unicef said in geneva. The previous day, the number had been estimated at 370 000.

Thousands of people in need of help arrive every day. Among the refugees are, according to unicef, about 60 percent children. "The situation on the ground puts children at great risk of contracting diseases from contaminated water," the unicef representative in charge said.

The UN agency has now begun delivering water and sanitation supplies to the hardest-hit district in bangladesh, cox’s bazar.

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Media: ter stegen facing surgery and contract extension at barca

Media: ter stegen facing surgery and contract extension at barca

The 28-year-old is not only facing a difficult challenge in the champions league with FC barcelona, but also an important contract extension – and possibly also an operation. Ter stegen still has complaints about the patellar tendon in his right knee despite several treatments and is therefore considering having surgery, the trade newspaper "AS" and other spanish media reported on saturday.

However, the final decision on the operation has not yet been made, wrote "AS", because after the operation, according to doctors’ estimates, a compulsory break of three to four months would be necessary, which seems too long for the keeper. Before the possible intervention, the keeper wants to win the royal class with barca for the first time since 2015 in any case. To qualify for the mini-tournament in lisbon, the catalans will have to play on 8. August in the eighth-final second leg at home against SSC neapel (first leg 1:1) prevail.

At the same time, talks to extend the former monchengladbach player’s contract, which runs until june 2022, for another three years are reportedly continuing. The negotiations have progressed very well recently, wrote the catalan sports newspaper "mundo deportivo" on saturday. The club hopes to sign the new contract by the beginning of next season at the latest.

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New building of the schlossbergschule yes, but where?

New building of the Schlossbergschule yes, but where?

With a clear preliminary decision of 13 points, the proposal for a new building of the schlossberg elementary school on the previous site prevailed at the municipal council. The alternative of a new building on a neighboring church property (five points) and a possible new building on the present sports field (two points) were only second choices. The equally expensive general renovation of the school as well as the new building on a municipal property in the north next to the building yard fell through as alternatives.

Officially, the municipal council will vote on the new building in its municipal council meeting on 7. July. The committee wants to decide on the location only after further examination of the content and after the purchase request to the diocese has been made.

Actually, it should have been a public workshop of the municipal council on saturday, mayor harald hofmann opened the almost three-hour event. But because of the still valid corona distance rules, there was no room for listeners in the school gymnasium. At the end of the workshop, the mayor hoped, the councillors would have formed an opinion on the general renovation or new construction of the elementary school and, in the case of a new building, on its location.

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Experts confirm: a wolf roams through the district of kronach – animal falls into photo trap

This time it doesn't just look like a wolf, it actually is one: on the 19. May the animal triggered an automatic photo trap on rauschenberg, southeast of marienroth, according to the kronach district office. The hunter responsible for the area had sent the photo material to the bavarian state forestry office in rothenkirchen, from where forest district manager alexander kelle forwarded the image to the bavarian state office for the environment (lfu) in augsburg for checking. The expert assessment of the lfu as well as the documentation and advisory office of the federal government on the subject of wolves (DBBW) finally provided the proof: "now it is really a fact that the wolf has arrived in the county.", confirms kelle.

Wolves near kronach: previously only false reports

Whether the animal is a male or female, however, is not recognizable. It can also only be speculated at present whether more wolves are to be expected in the district. Since the animals can cover more than 60 kilometers a day, the wolf may have already left the kronach area. After alleged wolf sightings near tettau and kehlbach, which subsequently turned out to be false reports, this is the first clear evidence of a wolf in the kronach district.

More on this topic: shooting of aggressive wolves to become easier

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Municipalities warn of high tariff demands

Municipalities warn of high tariff demands

A demand of 6.1 to 7 percent plus a social component, as is currently being discussed by the trade union verdi, for example, would cost local authorities six billion euros. This is what the president of the federation of municipal employers’ associations (VKA), thomas bohle, told the dpa news agency on sunday.

The civil service association (dbb) and its collective bargaining union will meet in cologne on monday for their annual trade union conference. Initial statements are expected on the wage negotiations for the 1.3 million pay-scale employees at the federal government and local authorities starting in march. In addition to german chancellor angela merkel (CDU) and north rhine-westphalia minister president hannelore kraft (SPD), german interior minister hans-peter friedrich (CSU) will also come to cologne. Friedrich is negotiator for the first time on the employer side.

VKA president bohle said: "since 2008, municipal debt has been rising steadily and as of october 2011 is at an all-time high of 128.7 billion euros – an increase of 7.8 percent over the previous year."Demands in the order of up to seven percent are "not feasible" in this cash situation. Bohle expressed a similar view in the "rheinische post" newspaper.

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