Markus kubrich is the new shooting king

The junior shooter markus kubrich secured himself the title of shooting king in nordhalben this year . After one accomplished the proclamation in the past year on-line, could take place this year under application of the safety precautions the delivery again as usual with a common schutzenessen. With the proclamation carried out, one comes then also again into the usual rhythm.

The sociable round showed itself united despite competition at the shooting and was particularly taken with the honorary targets. Carina scherbel from neufang had conjured four super animal motifs with outstanding colors on the round wooden discs.

Last year's winner jonas ruf and manuel potzl are standing by the side of the new shooting king markus kubrich as knights. For the first time, luca stengel won the title of young rifleman king ahead of christian brehm as knight. Straw queen was marie-therese wunder and the honorary disc went to manuel potzl. The master series secured itself as in the previous year with a super achievement daniel strohlein. The best eagle low shot put down schutzenmeister harald miracle.

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Aurach footpath: the csu is angry

It is to become an aurach promenade for cyclists and pedestrians and with seating directly on the river bank. One promises oneself an revaluation of the green course in the center of the city and is safe that the associated and badly criticized tree firings then also soon into oblivion fall.

The city councilors are basically in agreement with the planners on this point, and all are looking forward to the implementation of the measures, which are to begin soon, namely at the end of july. As mayor german hacker said at thursday’s meeting, the aurachtal area will be enhanced for recreationists, both in terms of design and ecology. Numerous new plantings, ranging from trees to flowering meadows, also contribute to this.

The CSU also agreed with the measures in general. Nevertheless the parliamentary group (nine present) refused. Because one was annoyed, namely over the ignoring of a suggestion, which had submitted walter drebinger before nearly one year. In the city council meeting at that time he was supported also by the SPD parliamentary group chairman curd blank.

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“Actually the madness”

It is the largest sales show in mainfranken. Every two years, it draws more than 100.000 people at. The mainfrankenmesse started on saturday. 22 exhibitors come from the district of kitzingen. They have very different expectations.

Reinhard riedel is present at the trade show for the eighth time. The willanzheimer has plenty of experience. His company, which specializes in gate technology and factory equipment, has seven employees. At least one person must always be present at the trade show.

"The real work begins after the trade show." reinhard riedel, businessman from willanzheim

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Brazil challenges world cup chief planner bierhoff

Brazil challenges World Cup chief planner Bierhoff

To call bierhoff a pessimistic person would be mistaken, then. After all, the team manager of the german national soccer team is known for his positive charisma. That’s also why jurgen klinsmann gave him the then brand-new job at the DFB nine years ago. When thinking about the world cup in brazil in 15 months’ time, however, bierhoff is somewhat worried.

"This will be the most difficult tournament in our career," bierhoff warned. The giant country between the copacabana and the amazon commands such "great respect" from the former national striker and european champion of 1996 that he has called the title win for the german team on 13. July 2014 in the legendary maracana in rio de janeiro "actually an impossibility" called.

Joachim low quickly brushed away the doubts about the DFB’s title ambitions that followed the unusual statement. Everything will be given for the big dream, assured the national coach. Wolfgang niersbach was also quick to respond: "our forecast remains the same. We will qualify and want to be among the title favorites," said the DFB president. And bierhoff explained his statement as a warning: "the world cup is going to be a tough one, and it was important for me to point out that the world cup is not a foregone conclusion."

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No more prime time for “fashion hero

No more prime time for 'fashion hero

The quote from claudia schiffer’s (43) fashion show “fashion hero was the format”s biggest problem child right at the start, and barely a month after its first broadcast, broadcaster prosieben is now pulling the ripcord: the up-and-coming designers will be banned from prime time at 8 p.M.15 o”clock banned and will have to fight for the favor of the three fashion labels two hours later in the future. In addition, the last three episodes have been shortened to one hour each for television, and “fashion hero” can only be seen on the internet could be seen in full length, reports the internet site DWDL.

They are interested in karl lagerfeld’s favorite muse claudia schiffer? Then get here "stern fotographie, nr. 60: claudia& karl"

The clothing items familiar from the show were well received. Finally, those up-and-coming designers who were the buyers of ASOS, s. Oliver and karstadt convinced and came one round further, sell their works in the mentioned fashion stores. So the actual concept of the show was a success.

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After neckar and moselle: floods stop rhine navigation

After Neckar and Moselle: floods stop Rhine navigation

The flood situation remains threatening in large parts of germany and increasingly forces ship captains to take breaks. According to the federal association of german inland navigation, seven rivers – the rhine, danube, main, moselle, saar, neckar and weser – are affected, at least in sections.

Shipping has been suspended on the upper rhine as well. Further down the rhine, near cologne, for example, it could be that time this weekend. But meteorologists are now raising hopes of drier weather after the rainy start to the year: according to the german weather service (DWD), it will remain largely rain-free on sunday.

In the night to friday, the situation in the black forest town st. Blasien particularly critical. Rain and thaw led to flooding and landslides; disaster alarm threatened in the meantime. About 120 people were accommodated in a hall, most were able to return to their homes by morning. No one was injured.

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Ingolstadt beats dusseldorf – kiel conquers top of table

Ingolstadt beats Dusseldorf - Kiel conquers top of table

Holstein kiel remains the surprise team of the 2. Soccer bundesliga. On the 14th. On the 14th match day, the promoted team took over the lead in the standings because the previous league leaders fortuna dusseldorf continued to weaken.

Fortuna lost 0:1 (0:1) in the top match at FC ingolstadt on sunday, has been without a treble for four games and has lost its top spot. Coach friedheim funkel took it calmly. "It’s not a leg break, we conceded the second defeat of the season," said coach. "In the first half we were deservedly behind, in the second half we played more like I imagine," added funkel.

A 2:2 (0:0) was enough for promoted kiel on saturday at the 1. FC nuremberg. Kiel, who are at the top of the table because of their better goal difference, were threatened with defeat in nuremberg: the north germans were down 0:2 after goals from hanno behrens (54. Minute) and mikael ishak (62.) behind, before aaron seydel (70.) shortened and alexander muhling (88.) balanced. Captain rafael czichos said, "what the team showed in morale was again incredible. After the 0:2 nobody expected us anymore."

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Kissinger wolves: an evening to forget

Kissinger wolves – EHC konigsbrunn 1:2 (0:1, 1:1, 0:0).

There are evenings like this. Evenings when the passes just don’t arrive. On which the defender slips away at the decisive moment. On which the puck still grazes the stick of the opposing defender when passing to the teammate ready to shoot in. The kissinger wolves had such an evening against the EHC konigsbrunn. A defeat against a not exactly outstanding opponent.

It had started quite well. The bad kissingen team, which was missing igor filobok due to his job as well as the injured players, tried to put pressure on the goal of ex-wolf donatas zukovas. But early on the dilemma became apparent: the kissinger often lost the disc in front of the konigsbrunn goal; the opposing team, which had only 13 players, counterattacked. And that looked more dangerous than the attacks of the home team.

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Angelo strangia is an honest finder

Hinrich ruyter from kronach had a special experience last week. The member of the senior citizens’ association kronach stadt und land was on a senior citizens’ association mission in steinwiesen, where he went by bicycle. "Don’t wear long pants in this heat, he remembers taking his wallet, keys and handkerchief.

Bad surprise

on the way back to kronach, he made a short stop to quench his thirst in marktrodach with a cup of buttermilk. 20 minutes later he was at home – then the bad surprise: "the wallet is missing – the pocket was too small."
ruyter then called the supermarket in marktrodach, but no wallet was handed in there. The horror was as great as could be, as there were "well over 100 euros in the wallet". Ten minutes later, the surprise: the chairwoman of the senior citizens’ association, bianca fischer-kilian, calls him and tells him that his wallet is with her: "it was lying on a bridge in unterrodach. I have to go to kronach anyway, bring him by", she tells him. The wallet with money and all the cards as well as the senior citizens’ community ID card was back again. Ruyter’s joy was correspondingly great. "That was madness. I never expected this." but how did the wallet get to friesen?? "An angel from teuschnitz found him, on an ebike bike tour with his wife and friend", informs ruyter. He calls the finder an angel, not least because of his name angelo – angelo strangia from hablach near teuschnitz.

Senior community helps

strangia is on the road with his wife and friend dieter kaschub when they see the wallet in the middle of the bike path. In the wallet, you will find the contact details of the chairwoman fischer-kilian on a small card of the senior citizens’ association, who will then inform you and bring the wallet to her. "For me, it’s a matter of course", says strangia, who doesn’t have to think for a second about returning the wallet. "Otherwise i would only have a bad conscience,", he adds.
Of course, he and his friend dieter kaschub are well aware of the hassle of having to cancel credit cards or reapply for identity documents such as driver’s licenses after such a loss. "Money can’t pay for that", stresses strangia, whose friend kaschub adds: "we would also be happy if it happened to us the other way round."

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New beginning: choir community goes on extended summer break

New beginning: choir community goes on extended summer break

This year’s summer serenade of the astheim men’s choral society (MGV) was marked by farewells. On the one hand the choir community wants to reorganize itself after the summer break. On the other hand, choir director irene kratzig laid down the baton after ten years of intensive work with the men’s and women’s choir. Flowers, gifts and much praise accompanied the ceremony.

In his laudation, board member fred binzenhofer regretted the departure of the conductor. Despite his profession and additional choir conducting activities with two other choirs, kratzig had agreed at the time to take over the direction of the two astheim choirs. All in all, it was about 50 weeks with about 1200 hours of choir rehearsals (without public performances), in which they rehearsed new songs, taught the singers choir feeling and made the association the cultural carrier of the small community. "Your commitment, your love of choral singing and your loyalty to the mannergesangverein ran like a thread through all the years of your work," binzenhofer said in praise of the conductor’s dedication.

Paul werner, chairman of the mainschleife singing group, praised kratzig’s optimistic attitude and his great commitment over the past ten years. They had formed a choir that was certainly worth hearing and seeing. Regarding the community’s last performance for the time being, he encouraged those responsible not to simply throw the long tradition overboard, but to resume active singing under a new choir director after a period of reorientation.

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